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Inu_Kag RolePlay!

for Inuyasha and Kagome Fans!

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this site is for anyone who wants to be part of an Inuyasha and Kagome Roleplay!

well if you want to play one of the characters listed above or any other Inuyasha character, just ask planets_rule OK

((Ok this is how the game goes! You Post here but you act like the character you are being ok if you dided get that!))

Kouga/Ayame-- A Promised Love.

so if you want to take part jion or contact me SugerCat and ask^_^
Newbies are welcome!
Hope to see you soon!
Rules you must be an Inuyasha Fan!

Miroku/Sango-- It's Tough Love.

Oh and if you guys want to do more then one roleplay go here http://www.greatestjournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=rp_inu and sigh up in Gj then

InuYasha/Kagome-- A Love that Transcends Time.